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What to include in a Security Company Website

If you run a security company in Nigeria having a website design is an essential aspect of business growth. It is as important having a phone number for the business. Website will help your business in so many ways

You may be wondering why your security company need a website when your competitor is not online yet doing well. We first of all present to you the reasons why your security company need a website design and what to include in it.

Reasons your security Company Needs a website.

  1. Generate more revenue
    The truth is that statistics have shown that 81% of buyers search online before buying a product or booking a service. If your business is positioned online then you get a part of this surfers. Your website is always there 24/7 making new customers for you.
  2. Increases your credibilityweb design quote by bill gates
    More people trust doing business with you if you have a corporate website. Anyone can have a social media page since it is free but it takes a serious business to go the extra mile putting up a website. if you would want to bid for contracts from big companies then you need to present yourself as professional as possible. Your website is a major tool that helps you do that
  3. Save time and money
    Whether you’re trading emails, taking calls, or sending out proposals – communicating with potential customers takes time. Your website can save you that time by providing answers to common customer questions and inquiries. What does this mean for you? You can spend your time doing more valuable things. Also the staff that would have been answering or replying the enquiries would not be needed. So salary saved. Note that this your new staff doesn’t go on holidays nor take sick leave

Essential Components of your security company website
Are you into automatic gate installation in Nigeria or you render other other security services, then you need to pay special attention to your online presence. Your website is like an online company profile and you can get the best of it if you know what to include in it. consider the following menu list

Home – This should include some sort of mission statement or promise that you make to your customers at the very top, as well as pictures of your officers, your logo, and anything else that sets you apart.

About Us – Make a short, 1-2 paragraph page that talks about your background as a security company owner. You can say why you decided to get into the industry, what experience you have, and what you strive for with your security company.

Services – This is pretty straightforward. Talk about all of the security services you offer. Make sure you highlight anything you think makes you different from the competition. For better SEO you can give each service a page of its own. Services most security companies offer include cctv services, automatic gate, access control etc

Portfolio – This is where you showcase pictures of your past jobs. the portfolio page is necessary to convince a visitor that you have handled a similar job in the past. Ensure you present your best jobs. Continually update it as you complete more jobs.

Clients – If you have worked for known names, its a good place to let people know that well known brands trust your service. keep in mind that they may approach the company to verify

Blog – Apart from the fact that your blog provides valuable information in your industry, it also makes Search engines like Google and Bing to showcase your website. Having a blog on your security company website is one easy way to do that and also provides an added service to potential clients.

Contact – Your contact page should be very simple. Make sure to include your phone number, email address, and physical address if you have an office. If you want you can also put links to your social media profiles here.

Make sure to use good quality images and to keep the design simple and easy to navigate. For best practices, hire a professional web design agency to design or even redesign your current website.

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